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Uniasia Joins Hands with Four Major Brands to Participate in the China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo, Sparking Crowds of Visitors




From March 10th to 12th, the four major brands of Uniasia Group: MEIFUBAO, YOUYA, GINGERFOM, and FACE IDEAS, will make a wonderful appearance at the China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo (A31, Hall 3.2, Area A, Pazhou Complex, China Import and Export Fair). In this exhibition, Uniasia uses a large area of whiteness, supplemented by simple and smooth black and gold lines, to outline a simple aesthetic space with a sense of technology that young people love. According to the respective positioning and tonality of MEIFUBAO, YOUYA, GINGERFOM, and FACE IDEAS, a unique and distinctive display space has been created with elements such as display racks, display walls, and colors, allowing consumers to experience the professional and diversified products of the four major brands of Uniasia and conveying the pursuit of aesthetics, innovation and technology of Uniasia Group.



MEIFUBAO: Inheriting the oriental way of nourishing skin, the sunscreen category has been ranked TOP 1 for 8 consecutive years

MEIFUBAO, inherited the oriental way of nourishing skin, was founded by Uniasia Group in 1999. In the 22 years of specializing in skin care, MEIFUBAO has continuously innovated patented technology, adhered to cutting-edge product design and focused on the concept of ingredient efficacy, combined the national charm of traditional culture with oriental fashion design, and successfully created countless popular items that symbolized the strength of domestic products. It has won a number of certification awards from national agencies, industry rating agencies and the media. It has been ranked TOP1 in the sunscreen category of China's cosmetics sub-category list for eight consecutive years, and has set a cumulative sales volume of more than 48 million pieces of single products of whitening isolation sunscreen (small pink tube).

Entering the Uniasia exhibition area, the antique screens full of oriental beauty come into view. The beautifully curved display cabinets are equipped with three powerful skin care gift boxes, namely the five treasures, the flower peptide and the golden hairpin, and the white beach booth ingeniously combined with the sunscreen scene. The Meifubao sunscreen family is surrounded by whitening and isolation sunscreens (small powder tubes) that are full of honor.




Elegant: to create professional high-end essential oil skin care, and to provide a unique and pleasant care experience

Youya, as a high-end essential oil skin care brand under Uniasia, with the concept of "Oriental aroma therapy + meridian health care", selects precious and luxurious flower and plants, through scientific matching and reconciliation, supplemented by professional massage techniques, continuously injects the essence of flower and plants into the skin. In the pleasant and comfortable fragrance and massage treatments, it effectively enhances the youthful beauty and radiance of the skin.

With a white background and an exhibition board outlined by golden lines, there are 11 sets of Youya products, which give people a double enjoyment of beauty and vision. At the same time, you can intuitively see the 11 fragrant nursing program that Youya puts forward for 11 different skin problems.

In 2021, Youya will continue to deepen its professional lines, vigorously research and develop star-rated products and projects, strive to build "top 100 star-rated stores", actively carry out the national empowerment conference, enhance the brand influence of Youya, and move the brand to a new pattern.




GINGERFOM: specializes in the research of ginger personal care brand, and strengthens the strategic layout of hair growth

GINGERFOM is a personal care brand specially researched by Uniasia for people who suffer from alopecia. The product focuses on the concept of ginger, uses fresh and high-quality ginger and uses low-temperature microjet extraction technology, increasing the active ingredients of ginger by 80%, making hair bright and dense and full of vitality.

As the first appearance of GINGERFOM at the Beauty Expo, the booth is based on a large area of earth color as the background, supplemented by a plant-textured background board, concisely and vividly highlighting the essence of ginger and precious medicinal materials and the root nourishment of the ginger hair care series products.




FACE IDEAS: Using facial color decoding theory to overcome the trouble of color selection professionally

FACE IDEAS breaks through the traditional makeup design. Starting from the confusion in consumers’ color selection, FACE IDEAS pioneered the theory of facial color decoding, and put forward the “3 key tones, 9 color levels” color decoding disk to decode the color adaptation rules of base makeup, eye makeup, eyebrow makeup, and lip makeup, to meet the needs of Chinese women's facial color, so that consumers no longer have to worry about color selection.

In order to cater to the demands of younger, individualized, and emerging consumer groups, FACE IDEAS exudes a strong sense of technology and future from the design of the brand logo, to the packaging of the product, to the design of the counter. In terms of product development, FACE IDEAS not only has the endorsement of facial color decoding theory, but also the research and development technical support of an international scientific research team, and professionally provides consumers with makeup solutions that are more suitable for Chinese skin tone and skin quality.

The FACE IDEAS exhibition area is surrounded with streamlined design elements such as alien ICON, astronauts, flying saucers, and metallic reflective materials to create a highly technological and fashionable makeup space and a display module divided by color tone and color scale,  allowing the consumers to quickly find makeup products that suit their skin tone.




As a veteran group that has been working hard for 30 years in the cosmetics field, Uniasia has always adhered to the vision of providing a champion product and creating a world-famous brand, unremittingly improving its research and development capabilities, insight into the needs of consumers, and constantly developing products in many fields, such as skin cleansing, skin care, shampoo, hair care, make-up, oral care, etc. that are well-loved by consumers.